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AMSOIL Synthetic Gear Lubes

Gear Lubes for 4-Wheel Drives

AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes deliver the rugged protection four-wheel drive differentials and manual transmissions need.

Power and Fuel Economy

Low-friction AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes maximize power output and minimize heat buildup. This means less energy spent on friction, and more used for maximum four-wheel drive power and top fuel economy.

Load Protection

AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes bear the brunt of high-load stress so gears don’t. AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes’ naturally high film strength and tough extreme-pressure agents shield components from premature wear.

All-Season Performance

AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes have a high viscosity index rating. That means they won’t become waxy in low temperatures and they’ll remain viscous enough to protect engines in extreme heat.

Clean Running

Stable even in extreme heat, AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes resist oxidation and thermal breakdown, helping gears stay free of sludge and other deposits.

AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR Synthetic Extreme Pressure Lubricants

AMSOIL Severe Gear Synthetic Extreme Pressure (EP) Lubricants (SVO & SVG) are premium grade lubricants specifically engineered for maximum performance in severe duty applications. Severe Gear features an exclusive blend of high viscosity, shear stable synthetic base oils and an extra treatment of high-performance additives. AMSOIL Severe Gear Synthetic EP Lubricants maintain their viscosity for long-lasting protection against metal-to-metal contact. AMSOIL Severe Gear lubricants are designed to provide better performance and excellent protection during temperature extremes.

  • Superior film strength
  • Prevents thermal runaway
  • Rust and corrosion protection
  • Reduced operating temperatures
  • Improved efficiency
  • Longer oil, seal and equipment life

Amsoil 75W-90 Severe Gear Gear Lube BottleAmsoil 75W-140 Severe Gear Gear Lube BottleAmsoil 75W-110 Severe Gear Gear Lube Bottle


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