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Amsoil FAQs & Information


What is Motor Oil - More than you probably wanted to know about oil.

Base Oil Categories & Definitions - Explains the five different groups of oils and what specs each is required to meet.

All Synthetics Are Not Created Equal - Based on older oil comparisons, but the general rule still applies. Shows what other companies are using for base stocks and that there is more than one synthetic "group" of oils.

Amsoil Limited Warranty - Lubricants

Amsoil Limited Warranty - Filters

Extended Drain Intervals and Warranties - How extending your drain intervals might effect your warranty.

Warranties and the Magnuson-Moss Act - The Act that allows you to use aftermarket products that meet the proper specs without voiding your warranty.

Better Fuel Efficiency with Amsoil - How using Amsoil Synthetics can improve your MPG.

Preserving Our Envronment - Using Amsoil Synthetics with extended drains saves on natural resources and waste.

Amsoil Cold Weather Performance - How Amsoil helps in cold climates.

Amsoil Hot Weather Performance - How Amsoil handles hot temperatures.

What is the NOACK Volatility Test? - One of the tests performed to determine how well your oil withstands heat.

Amsoil API Licensing - Amsoil's stance on API licensing.

The Truth About Additives - Information given by mechanics on aftermarket oil additives, and references to the FTC.


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