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Amsoil 5W-30 Motor Oil Bottle

After All These Years,
Mobil is Still Trying to Catch Up!


Now Offering 15,000 Mile or
1 Year Oil Drain Intervals!


Still Offering 25,000 Mile or
1 Year Oil Drain Intervals!

Mobile 1 Extended Performance Motor Oil Bottle

In February 2005 Mobil 1 released a few new lines of oils offering longer drain intervals. One of these included a full synthetic advertised as having 15,000 mile or one year drain intervals. Mobil is trying to make the consumer think they are the first to do this. Facts are that Amsoil has offered 25,000 mile or one year drains for over 30 years, longer than Mobil 1 has even been on the market. The industry recognizes this as well:

Lube Report
"– the company [Mobil] claims to be “the first oil company to introduce a line of high-endurance motor oils designed for longer oil change intervals,” as recommended by many automakers today. That may be overstating it a wee bit (for example, Amsoil Inc. of Superior, Wis., for decades has sold a line of synthetic oils offering guaranteed performance and long drain intervals)...."

In 1972 Amsoil released THE FIRST API rated Synthetic Motor Oil, promoting 25,000 mile or one year drain intervals. Mobil 1 was introduced in 1974, basically acknowledging that Amsoil was correct: that there was a market for synthetic motor oils! Since then nearly every oil company has introduced a synthetic of some type and is OEM fluid in many new vehicles. Now Mobil is offering this new oil to keep up with the gradual shift towards extended drain intervals that are currently being recommended by various auto manufacturers. So once again Mobil is acknowledging what Amsoil has recommended with their oil since 1972: extended drain intervals!

What makes the new Mobil 1 better than the old Mobil 1? According to their own Web Site:

"Mobil 1 Extended Performance has a unique formulation with boosted level of protection and performance. These formulations with the Advanced SuperSyn System contain 50 percent more SuperSyn, 36 percent more anti-wear additives, and 37 percent more cleaning agents than the current Mobil 1."

Mobil again is acknowledging Amsoil, by saying that using a better additive package can make a better and longer lasting oil.

For years people accused Amsoil of being overpriced, but the new Mobil I have seen costing as much and in some cases more.

Can you buy Amsoil for less? – Yes, with the Preferred Customer membership you are able to buy all Amsoil products at a savings of 20-30%!

So let’s compare and you decide which oil company offers the better value:


Amsoil Drain Interval – 25,000 miles/one year

Synthetic Experience – since 1972 (The First!)

Extend Drain Experience – since 1972 (The First!)

Mobil 1 EP Drain Interval – 15,000 miles/one year

Synthetic Experience – since 1974

Extend Drain Experience – since Feb. 2005

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